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The Objectives is to setup an international company producing clean technology for Organic Weed Control to offer clean drinking water and clean foodstuff without poison from chemical spraying.
CO2 emission is very low compared  to gas burners, hot water and steam.

bullet High speed compared to gas burners, steam and hot water.
bullet Cut CO2 emissions by 75 % compared to gas burners.
bulletClean drinking water and clean foodstuff without poison from chemical spraying.
bulletNo harm to worms and microorganisms in the soil.
bulletSubstantial lower energy consumption than competing technologies such as gas burners, infra reed light and steam.
bulletSubstantial lower fire hazard compared to gas burners and infra reed light.
bulletNo harm to trunks on trees, vine plants, pavement and road materials.

The new technology is primary based on very strong light like natural sunlight, but several thousands times more powerful.   Special optics form the light to remove weed and pests at high speed.

 Optocleaner is for:

bulletGardeners and contractors doing weed control along road sides and in green areas in cities.
bulletVine farmers and fruit plantations.
bulletFarmers especially Organic Farmers.
bulletRailway companies and contractors doing weed control on railway tracks.  Very high speed if needed.
bulletOther professional customers such as nursery gardens, forests, plantations, air fields and golf courses.
bulletPrivate gardens and areas around private property will not be supported for several years, as it requires a large service organization.

The health risks of pesticides can be removed by using UV Light as a replacement.

The technology is covered by patents and incorporates Ultra Violet Light and special High Power Electronics.

UV light removes the green energy producing part above ground. The roots respond by sending up new shots, which will greatly weaken the root system.
Before new shots get taller than an inch, the UV treatment has to be repeated to avoid any resupply from the new shots to the roots.

organic weed control by UV Light

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