Optocleaner [ òptō – kle´enər ] is optical equipment/machines for removing weed, pests, algae,
bacteria, virus and micro organism by means of a powerful beam of light, especially ultra violet light.


UV light is "clean technology" and very efficient for weed control.
Only a few percentage of the energy in a UV light beam is reflected from a green leaf
or is transmitted through it.    -     UV Light Energy converts to heat within the leaf.

Infra Reed Light is mostly transmitted into earth and wasted.  Hot water also primary
heats up the earth and gas burners heats up air.  -  UV light does not heat up the air.

UV light removes the green energy producing part above ground.
The roots respond by sending up new shots, which will greatly weaken the root system.
Before new shots get taller than an inch, the UV treatment has to be repeated to avoid any resupply from the new shots to the roots.

Ordinary lawn grass and “ordinary” weed only needs a few treatments to become tiny. 
Removing shoots several times depletes the energy reserves of weed stored deep underground as it has to resprout.
If the losses is 50% the first time,  20% the second time etc. it may take less than 12 treatments to dry out even difficult old weed.
The number of treatments is comparable to the other thermal methods - flaming by gas burner, infrared light, hot water or steam.

It is important not to stop the treatment as the last tiny sprouts will gradually resupply the roots energy reserves unless they are removed.
Next the earth is clean and will be easy to maintain - even at high speed if UV weed control is used.

Weed Photo Gallery with common and scientific names,  Unkraut.
Traditional equipment for "
Nichtchemische Unkrautbekämpfung"

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