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CO2 emissions can be cut by 75 %  by switching from gas burners to UV Weed Control.
Organic Weed Control by UV Light also substitutes a large quantity of pesticides.
Characteristics of Ultra Violet Light for Weed Control used along pavements in cities and used along the edges of asphalt roads:

bulletFuel consumption (Gas or diesel) is lowered up to a factor four - very high energy saving.
bulletFast payback time.
bulletCost of man-hours are cut to half or one third, as the working speed is much faster than gas burners.
bulletClean technology.

A reduction of CO2 in form of greenhouse gas is important.  First step could be to cut CO2 emission up to 75 % using diesel.
Next step can follow later, using fuel cells.  The UV equipment runs even more efficient on fuel cells.
Hydrogen, generated by e.g. wind power, could then be the source of energy for the UV lamps - a "carbon-free" solution.

Heat from gas burners is les effective down in gaps between stones.  UV light is more efficient in the gaps and green alga on stones are removed in the same process. It gives a look of higher quality.

The equipment "model 1", offered to the first communities within service distance of Copenhagen, runs primary on its own rubber wheels guided along the side of a vehicle it can be a tool carrier, a lorry or a tractor.
Energy is supplied by an electrical generator attached to the PTO of the vehicle or by a standard diesel-generator on a trailer behind the vehicle.

bulletHigh speed and low energy consumption reduces the variable costs.

Only a few percentage of UV light are reflected, when hitting a thin green leaf.
Only a little UVA Light goes through and are lost into ground.

UV-C Light

Penetrates only the thin top surface - converts to heat inside leaf
and DNA damage inside cells.

UV-B Light Penetrates most of the thin leaf - converts to heat inside leaf
and DNA damage inside cells.
UV-A Light Penetrates a thin leaf - a major part converts to heat inside leaf

weed control

The small amount of water in a thin leaf is heated up very efficient from inside by a beam of UV Light.
It is why UV Weed Control equipment can be used at high speed
very high speed if the UV beam is generated by equipment able to supply very high power.

At very high power, it takes only a flash of UV light to increase the temperature inside a thin leaf to the boiling point.

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